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Kabelo Khunou cooks for Carob

He is a man  who knows his way aound the kitchen, can whip you up a 5 star meal quickly, top it off with a desert, oh did I mention he is boss in the vegan department? Carob magazine chats to Top South African chef, Kabelo Khunou before jetting off to Texas USA.

CAROB MAGAZINE: Tell Carob Magazine, who is Kabelo Khonou in your own words?

KABELO: Kabelo Khunou is a father and a chef. He is very passionate about food as an art form and just as passionate about life.

CAROB MAGAZINE:  When did your passion for food begin?

KABELO KHUNOU: It all started at a very young age as I was the one always cooking at home. After High school I started exploring my talent further.
As a Rasta I was on a very strict vegetarian diet so I got used to exploring flavors and balance nutrition in my meals.

CAROB MAGAZINE: Did you always know that you're going to be a Chef, when did you realize that you wanted to be a professional chef?

KABELO KHUNOU: Being a chef for me is a calling... Just like being a doctor is a calling for others. I'd like to think of myself as a Chef that heals with food.

CAROB MAGAZINE: Tell us more about your trip and competition to the USA. ..

KABELO KHONOU: Am very excited about going to the USA.  My trip is more about enjoying other cuisines and getting to position myself on the international stage... I am very fortunate to participate and meet awesome chefs in a culinary competition "Iron Chef"...

This will allow me to work with foreign ingredients, introduce African flavors and push my talent to the max. ..

CAROB MAGAZINE: Your food is like art...Where does your inspiration come from?

KABELO KHUNOU; As Chefs we approach food differently. Other Chefs believe it's Maths and Science. For me, cooking is my silent medium of expression like a dancer on stage...

CAROB MAGAZINE: What's your favorite meal to prepare and why?

KABELO KHUNOU: I love working with fresh vegetables. I am also a big pasta fan. The reason is pasta gives the liberty to push harder on flavors and like a canvas you can push for your desired visual expression.

CAROB MAGAZINE: What would it mean for you to win this competition?

KABELO KHUNOU: Competing in any competition is how I gauge my talent... Competing against some of the best chefs will be an added bonus.
Winning this competition would mean my efforts are relevant, it will also give me a platform to change the cooking trends worldwide.

CAROB MAGAZINE: What advice can you give to aspiring chefs?

KABELO KHUNOU: Being a chef is a mission... A super long journey where sometimes you work ridiculous hours, your only survival is love and passion.

Always remember there is a better chef than you. And the rewards are awesome like traveling the world and meeting awesome people!

CAROB MAGAZINE: Last but not least, please share with our readers, what keeps you going?

 KABELO KHUNOU:  My kids keep me going I want to leave a legacy for them.

Love and passion