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Precious fit for life!

When she first appeared on our TV Screens everyone was gaga over Precious Africa. She's done so well  showcasing Africa in good light at a time when people were not sure what to make of Africa.  Instantly, we fell in love with our beautiful continent’s rich culture and traditions.  As a  matter of fact, many of you want her back on our TV screens...Carob Magazine catches up with the US based Precious Schamel to see what she is doing now and to find out if she has plans to do TV work any time soon...

By Ntsako Mbhokota

Who can ever forget the edgy, stylish and sweet Presenter of Precious Africa?  Precious has the kind of humility that can break barriers, and reach out to the soul. It's hard not to fall involve with this beautiful personality and her infectious laugh.

She has done a lot of work in the South African TV and radio industry but I'm sure you will agree with me when I say our all time favorite was the Precious Africa show that she presented, Carob magazine catches up with this happily married mother of two who's now based in the US.

 CAROB: Let's talk about Precious Africa, you were the producer and presenter of the show, many people fell in love with Africa because of it, what inspired you to create something so beautiful and unique?

Precious: Smiles, Precious Africa :) what a fun experience. So the idea came about while I was shooting an American show called Life is Wild. During that project I had a lot of free time to just think. Those thoughts lead to a big need to travel Africa. So while lazing around the pool one afternoon I had this vision of traveling through Africa with a group of girlfriends. I shared the idea with my brother; we fine tuned it and immediately contacted Julian Sun who had produced EMS VOL 1. I had known that he was the right person to approach because 1) we trusted him and 2) he believed in me. And that was the beginning of a 2 year process of creating Precious Africa.

Now Precious is based in the USA, Married, raising a family and building a successful fitness business.

CAROB: Tell Carob more about what your fitness business; take us through the journey of starting your own business and the inspiration behind it.

Precious: Since leaving SA I spent my time as a full time house wife, then a stay at home mom. So while pregnant with Zuri I felt a deep need to expand my interests. And that's when I decided to first take charge of my health and fitness. I've never been an individual who enjoys exercising, I still dislike it but I do love feeling good. Since making that health decision I've enjoyed helping countless other women in the USA+UK+SA lose baby weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle!

Carob: How does one sign up to be a member/or become part of your fitness club?

Precious: Simply sending me an email and us talking to see if we'd enjoy working together on our health! I then give you the tools and accountability.

CAROB: You1're also big on healthy eating, Is it part of your fitness programme? 

Precious: It absolutely is! What I know for sure is that abs are created in the kitchen!


CAROB: What important lessons are you learning from running your own business and where do you see your business five years from now? 

Precious: Perseverance and believing in myself. Entrepreneurship is an incredibly tough road to work but also the most rewarding experience. The next five years we'll be entering the millionaire's club which is really exciting, not because of the monetary value but the personal development that comes with growing to those levels.

Carob Magazine: What is your source of inspiration?

Precious: Everything from audio books to seeing the daily experience of being a mom. Mostly it's knowing that I am a child of God who created the earth and the heavens. We too have that creation power. I mean, just think about the potential in each one of us! 

 Precious is doing it all, She is also raising a family and building a business? How does she do it?

CAROB: Now, your hair. .. It has always been the object of envy among many African women. Tell us your secret really now,  what do you do? Is it natural or you do something to your Afro to look so stunning? 
Precious: Laugh out loud! You know I wish the was some amazing hair secret. But let's be honest. We're all gifted with different hair textures. Sure there's products I enjoy using but I was lucky to have been blessed with strong hair that withstood a lot of torture during my teens. And honestly, we take our hair far too seriously. If there is a secret then it's probably the fact that I don't care that much about my hair...l play around with it and create what ever look I'm into at that time.

CAROB::Your skin is flawless, glowing, blemish free, just perfect... How do you keep it that way?

Precious: Thank you so much! As a teen I had generally good skin. Then everything changed after moving to the USA. We live in a dry state which had a huge impact on the health of my skin, then the hormonal up and down of pregnancies took their toll. Late last year I started testing out some aloe skin products and found the perfect products for my skin. Now I've included those products into my business and couldn't be happier! Turns out I'm not the only one obsessed with skin care so it's been an absolute pleasure helping other women with their own skin issues.

CAROB: Let's talk about motherhood and marriage,  most people in the industry think that children will slow them down as a result they end up not having families at all because of a career, what are your thoughts on this.

Precious: Motherhood is crazy! It's an emotional festival of joy and pain lol! I believe that becoming a mother helped me learn more about who I am and who I can become. It's not easy growing a business alongside my kid's but I wouldn't have it any other way. They deserve a full time mother and I deserve the opportunity to explore my talents while being their mother. Somehow, it works. 


CAROB: What motivational words can you share with our readers about life, following your dreams and living your best life? 

Precious:  If you want something, just do it. Stop making excuses. Just make it happen and in the process, learn more about yourself and appreciate who you are and who you are becoming.


Cover Image by Hannah Piazza. 

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