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Steven C sizzles with Speedy in hot new single Amaka.

It's a Tuesday evening; Carob Magazine is making its way to Maboneng to meet up with Nigerian born musician, composer and producer Steven C.

By Ntsako Mbhokota.

He has just finished recording a sizzling hot new song with South African Superstar Speedy titled 'Amaka.' Carob sits down with the multi talented Steven C at the posh studios of Cytoch Global.  He’s calm and collected as if he has no idea he’s hot property. Everyone is raving about the Afro House track titled Amaka that has been released on Itunes a week ago.

I hit straight to my point, Is Amaka a love song about a girl you like?

He giggles…  “No....It's a song about a guy who goes out to a club and sees girl that he totally likes but she's with someone.  The song is basically about stealing the girl from the other guy... He giggles. ..

Music background

The Afro House musician was born in Edo State Nigeria where his love for music began at a church choir when he was just 16 years old.

"I and some of my friends from our church group formed a music band called Team H and sang together for a while but later went our separate ways but my love for music only grew bigger since then.”

Passion and persistence

Steven C’s love for music did not stop with the church choir or band; instead it became more than just a hobby. In fact Steven was so eager to take things to the next level that he used his school fees money to record his first single and video.

 He laughs out as he reminisces about his early years in the Industry. “My mother was a great support structure throughout my journey; she made sure that I finished school.” –Steven C

Living for music
After he left school Steven started his own business at the age of 25.  “I was recording and producing music for Artists and friends from my bedroom studio. After a few months of saving and getting help from my mother I moved my business to a garage and built my studio there and formally operated as CHARMY MUSIC. And that is how I earned the Steven C name” – He adds.

“Life was great for a while but I was getting frustrated as I wanted to travel, explore my talent and grow my brand. When an opportunity to travel to South Africa came, I left my country and relocated to South Africa. Life was not what I expected it to be in the beginning. I did a few odd jobs including working as a waiter and as a teacher before I got a call that changed my life. I am currently signed under Cytoch Global and doing what I love every day. ”Says Steven C.

Steven C is as versatile artist; "My music is a fusion of South African House and Nigerian high Life.
I would still like to collaborate with a lot of artists from Africa; the list includes P Uhuru, PatoRanking and Wiz Kid." - Steven C.

Advice to his fans...

Learn your craft, focus on it, know your story, give it your all and remember that God is the ultimate!